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Prevent return trips to the hospital with an in-home care program.

Staff supporting the elder patient

One in five people diagnosed with chronic illnesses like Heart Failure, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), or who have suffered heart attacks, pneumonia, or injuries from falls is re-hospitalized. Our aim is to reduce that number.

Why Hospital Re-Admissions Happen

Hospital re-admissions are often necessary because people need assistance with both the simple and complex care needs that these illnesses require or cannot accurately communicate her/his condition and symptoms to their caregivers or physicians.

Fortunately, many of these return trips can be prevented with an in-home care program that includes proper education and supervision.

How Andi’s Angels Home Care can help you

We use evidence-based, condition-specific care programs.

Our focus is empowering the client to better manage their chronic illness. We carry out a personalized care plan by following your doctor’s written instructions and staying actively involved.

We’re happy to assist other outside professionals, like physical or occupational therapists, in your care as well. Our trained care team collaborates with your primary care team, specialists, and all other health care professionals.

The goals of the program are to enhance the person’s quality of life and reduce negative outcomes, such as potentially preventable hospital readmissions, medication adverse effects, falls, etc.

Andi’s Angels Home Care, LLC is inspired by the wonderful Care Angels we have that work so diligently with your care team.